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About America

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The Americas encompass the totality of the continents of North and South America. Together, they make up most of the land in Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World.

what is meant by America? When people refer to it are they signifying the precise measurements of the landmass that incorporates the territory from Canada’s Ellesmere Island above the magnetic pole in the north to Tierra del Fuego off the tip of Argentina in the south? Do they want to call attention to the area that in the year 2000 was home to forty-five countries and territories with 900 million people, where dozens of languages are spoken, and where can be found people of almost every ethnic origin, religion, and social and economic class? It is unlikely that they are referring to these basic facts. Facts and figures do not begin to touch what America represents symbolically. Throughout its history, America has stood for two different, almost opposite, things. First, it stands for natural man, the Indians, who are said to represent the world’s beginning. Second, it stands for the United States, the great political experiment based on natural rights, which has evoked inspiration and fear and envy.

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  1. About Cristopher Columbus

Cristopher Columbus  born in Italy but lived in Spain. He was seeman and made many see voyages. King and Queen of Spain gave him money to go yo India. After sailing 4000 miles Columbus reached some land. He know thet it was India but it was Americha. Columbus was not the first European explorer to reach the Americas, having been preceded by the Viking expedition led by Leif Erikson in the 11th century.

2. To discover-Columbos go to discover India.

Seamen-Seeman is also considered pirat.

Voyage-I organized voyage to the nearest islad.

Appear-Լion appear ander the bush.

Island-Grelandian considered an island.

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My favorite cartoon


My favorite cartoon is Frozen. Frozen crate Disney studio. It story about two sisters, one of the sisters ordinary girl and one have Ice power. Sister who have ice power’s name Elsa and one sister’s name Anna. One day Elsa hurt her head. Anna’s father and mother go to trol and he heal her, but she do not remember sister’s ice power. One day she comes to know about his sister and … If you want to know what what happened with them, watch cartoon Frozen.

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English homework

A) What you know about Walt Disney?

I know whet he born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. Then his famely left that city in the North of America for place. In then he drow picturse and create cartoon. One day he have good idea to make mouse the main character of the cartoons.

B) How Mickey Mouse came onto the screen?

 In 1928 the audience sew Mickey Mouse on the screen for the first tame. Mickey Mouse became very popular.

C) Why Disney’s cartoons are so popular with the audience?

Disney’s cartoons are so popular that audience like it very much.

D) What you know about Disneylande?

At Disneyland you have a lovely day with Disney characters, you can take a train, you can travel to the stars and oter.

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My hobby

My hobby are mostly sing, dance, play with my brother. I am singing when I finish my homework. I go to dance in Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We dance Armenian and Georgian. With my brother I am play in garden, home, school, or we play with our games and toys. I love read very much. I am read in school or home. My final book is <<Longstocking Pippi>>. That is my hobby.

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Short and tall brothers.

Short and tall brothers

Once upon a time lived a husband and the wife. They had two sons. One of them was short and second was tall. One day the wife was very ill. Husband said his two sons «You must go to Wild Island and bring a pieces magic coconut, a pieces magic water”. Two sons went to magic airport and flied to Wild Island. In Wild Island they didn’t know where they appear. They decided to separate, and each one finds something else. Short boy went to find magic coconut and tall boy went to  find magic water. Short boy went and went and saw monkey who wandering in trees. The boy said » Sorry, do you know where magic coconut?» Mokey said «Coconut in this short tree, but I dont can jumb to this tree. It is very short for me.» Short boy saw that this tree to his stature. He took this magic coconut and went to his brother. At that time tall brother went to rill. He saw a ant, who look at rill. «Sorry, do you know where is magic water?» Ant say «I am know. Magic water behind rill, but I am short to wook whis water. But you can it.» Tall brother took the water and went to short brother. Then two sons went home. They gave magic water and magic coconut their mother. Mother ate it and recovered.

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Homework 03.05.2017

1 առ.

  1. Why did Sarah Sweet go to see Vinger Witch?

She go to see Vinger Witch, because she wanted to take the mustard seeds.

2.  What did Vinger Witch tell Sarah about magic mustard seeds?

Sarah asked Witch, that she did have mustard seeds, because somebody say, that she hade it. Witch say, that she have it, but Sarah must fide it.

3. Who gave the Prince magic mustard?

Sarah Sweet gave the Prince magic mustard.

4. What happened to Prince Pepper after he ate his sanddwich?

He like sandwich very much and he say «The mustard is so hot. I have never eaten such hot mustard. Oh, my! What shall I do? It’s burning inside.»

5. What sort of party did the Prince want to have when he became strong again?

He want invited a lot of guests to Pepperpot Palace.

2 առ.

Plane, car, bus, taxi, carriage, train, tractor, horse.


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Homework հարցեր և առ.

Պատասխանել հարցերին 

  • Where was the magic plane?

Under the big old tree.

  • Where did Sarah appeared?

Sarah was in the middle of the Wild Wood.

  • Whose voice did she hear? And what did it say?

She hear voice of the bid, ugle and old tree. Tree say «Can’t you find the road.

  • Did she have a map and how could she find the road?

She don’t have a map. Old, ugle tree say the road to Witch.

  • What was in the large room in the Witch’s castle?

Middle of the larg room she saw a fire burning. In front of the fire there were two armchairs, and on the one siting ugly cat.

  • Who was  Witch’s friend?

Witch’c friend a ugly cat. 

Տվյալ բառերով կազմեք նախադասություններ

Steal-stealing is a bad thing

Magic-adults do not believe in magic.

Believe-I dont want believe at war.

Kind-My sisters are kind and beautiful girls.

Find-Now I am find my hat.

Luggage-When we go somewhere we have many of luggage.

To get-I get good marks at school.

Գրեք այս բառերի հականիշերը

Ugly-beautiful, rich-poor, kind-wicked, bad-good, find-lose, easy-hard, right-left, happy-sad, weak-year

Գրեք այս բառերի հոմանիշները

Beautiful-handsome, listen-heard, speak-talk


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English Homework

  1. Nelly can’t steal any mustard in the fridge. Somebody has taken it.
  2. Walk as fast as you can. I am a hurry.
  3. How are you going to the luggage. I am going there by bus.
  4. Where is our ticket? I don’t see the black bag. Somebody has steal it.
  5. Why are you cry, little Betty?-I can’t finde my favourite dool.
  6. Have they bought airport to Suzdal yet.
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Անգլերեն տն. աշ.

  1. Դուրս գրիր ածականներ և կազմիր նրանցով նախադասություններ:

Beautiful-She more beautiful then they girl.

Wonderful-I have a winderful family.

Small-Shushan say, that she have a small key.

Gold-My mother have the gold bracelet in.

large-I don’t have large sister, or brother.

Old-I recognize the old man, who have 10 grandchild.

Dirty-I don’t like, that the my room was dirty.

Red-gold-I like very much red-gold hair.

Sea-green-Ani recognize the girl, who have sea-green eyes.

Young-Rose saw the young man at zoo.