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After sun come out…

I think that, after all what happened in «All summer in the day» with Margot, she would be broken, i think that she would not talk to her friends and teachers. I think that after maybe she would not come to school or kindergarden anymore. Or option two; maybe she would be broken at first 3 or 4 hours and after she would play with her friends and not be upset anymore, because she is only child and she can change her mind every hour, that’s why she will play and talk to them how she did it befor. But let’s jugde buy her character. She is updet girl, awkward girl. She is always anxiety. That’s why I think,  that she will be more shy and more upset. She woulde not want to play, smile and laught anymore, or at least 1 day. I don»t know at sure what will happened and how, but i only cam say at sure, that the story is really beautiful and a little bit sad. I like all what happened there.

Рубрика: English 8

Project; Idioms

The task you can find on my blog, too.
‘When pigs fly’ – something that will never happen.
If silly someone want to  pass the test, his friend say’s «When pigs fly».
‘No pain no gain’ – You have to work hard for something you want.
If someone want to go with easy ways, but all of us know, that «No pain no gain».
Рубрика: English 8

All happiness in a day…

Can you imagine, how is it to be sad always. Is it someone in the world who can always be sad. I mean ALWAYS. I think that nobody, but let’s imagine for one second, you are a person who always sad. No smiles, no laught, only saddnes, anxiety. So what you think. Is it okay for you, to being like that all time. For me it’s something like natural disaster․ And here we are. But there is only one day, on day in whole life. Only on that day you can feel smile. You can laught. What you will do on that day. Whole day, one day. Me? What I would do? The first thing what i would do is smile in front of mirror to see how is it, to smile for no reasson. To feel how is it to be happy. I would go to see my friends, family, to make tham smile with me. To laught together and be happy whole day. And after that only that sadness, sad faces. At least i would understand how importand is it; to smile, to be able to smile. Smile is that thing what we do whole time, but nobody, never think how importand is it to smile. So please, smile:)

Рубрика: English 8

Little poem about sun!

What is that

In the sky

Shining bright

And stay alive?

Maybe it’s a yellow candy

Maybe something really hot.

What can we do with this candy?

Play, or go outside.

Let’s be honest

Rain is gloomy.

No one want to sleep at night.

But without this big candy

We will stay without light.

Рубрика: English 8


weed-a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

peering-the exchange of data directly between Internet service providers, rather than via the Internet.

compounded-make up

gush- flow out of something in a rapid and plentiful stream.

concussion-temporary unconsciousness or confusion and other symptoms caused by a blow on the head.

tidal-relating to or affected by tides.

civilization-the stage of human social and cultural development and organization that is considered most advanced.

stunned-so shocked that one is temporarily unable to react- astonished.

slackening-make or become slack.






barely-հազիվ թե


scientists predic-գիտնականների կանխատեսմամբ



Рубрика: English 8

My storyboard… Gary goes a walk


Gary had lost his phone so he went for a walk. While he was walking he found his previously lost phone, but Gary decided to keep walking despite finding his phone. Then Gary Went back to his house and decided to try to have a day without a mobile phone.